i.Balter Design creates spaces for businesses that want to breathe life into their brand.

Founded by Emily Nair, the Melbourne-based studio delivers bespoke building + interior design for the health, wellness and hospitality industries.

I believe that your space should embody your business vision.

Whether it’s a studio, practice or restaurant, your physical space is powerful.

When used intentionally, it can create an immersive brand experience that truly connects your customer to what you do.

Latitude Head Office, Melbourne

What does your space say about your business?

At i.Balter Design, I work with businesses seeking a building design (commercial fit-out) service that is personalised and collaborative.

You know how you need your space to function.  And you know how you want people to feel when they use it.  But you need a studio capable of bringing it to life.

Some one who can:

  • intuitively understand your inspiration
  • distill it to it’s most essential
  • sustain that vision from first concept to complete realisation

With so many moving parts to consider, you need someone who can navigate the building design (commercial fit-out) process with ease, flow and expertise.

At i.Balter Design, I see myself as a partner in your journey.

I draw out your business vision from day one, blending function, aesthetics and aspiration.  I bring you into the creative process when it makes sense.  And I free you up to focus your energies elsewhere, while delivering a seamless experience.

Designing and building a space for your business is a journey.

When it’s not guided by professional expertise and personal alignment between client and designer, the process can feel unwieldy.

A building design (commercial fit out) project relies on many ‘moving parts’.  From first sketches, to town planning, to securing building permits, the process can feel feel as inefficient as it does overwhelming as you navigate through multiple service providers.

And even when you engage a professional agency to manage the process, it can end up feeling impersonal. In corporate one-stop-shops, your personal, ongoing contact with your designer is limited.  Your initial vision somehow evaporates, from one professional to another.

This combines to leave you with a space that doesn’t truly reflect your brand and function as it needs to.

i.Balter Design is driven by a desire to do things differently.

I believe that the building design process should be empowering for everyone.  That you should be able to rely on your designer to be the guardian for your brand, seamlessly evolving it from initial concept to realisation.

Because I’m a small studio, I’m able to be exactly that.  I can completely personalise your process, and sustain your vision from start to finish.

Business owners know their brands better than anyone else.  It’s that knowledge that underpins every design choice I make.  So, creative collaboration between my client and me?  It’s a must.  But business owners are also busy.  They need to be able to trust that my best work is being done, while they focus on doing theirs.

I bring you into the creative process where it makes sense, empower you to make decisions where it matters and leave you free to focus your energy where it needs to be.

Latitude Head Office, Melbourne

From commercial fit-outs,to conversions, to complete rebuilds.

i.Balter Design is committed to a building and interior design experience that aligns to your brand, every step of the way.


I established i.Balter Design because I am passionate about how physical space connects us. 

And more than anything, I’m excited by the potential it holds for businesses like yours and the people you serve.

When you invest in a space that truly represents your brand, you make your business vision tangible.

You take the vision and you turn it into something your clients and customers can physically connect to. You create an experience that welcomes them into what you do. And that’s exactly the kind of design I believe in.

But I’ve seen so many business owners who couldn’t unlock that potential by themselves. What should be an exciting journey becomes overwhelming.

Faced with a process full of moving parts and unable to connect the dots, I’ve seen businesses struggling to make their physical spaces really work for them. I’ve seen time and money poured into designs that don’t deliver the returns they hope for. I’ve seen one-size-fits-all solutions that don’t serve the unique needs of the business, or inefficient, lengthy processes that lose momentum mid-way through.

Amongst a trail of service providers, quotes and half-conceived conversations, their vision gets splintered and loses its shine.

When establishing my own studio, I knew I had to do things differently. i.Balter Design facilitates a rich, experiential process of creative collaboration, where that vision is seamlessly sustained from first concept to final realisation.

I’m driven by a passion for thoughtful, functional design and a deep commitment to excellence. But more than anything? I do what I do out of a genuine desire to serve people.

To empower my clients with the knowledge they need to make intentional choices about their space. To help them craft a brand experience for their customers, clients and patients that centres their business vision. To make the process one of ease, flow and alignment.

Because your business absolutely deserves that.

Ivanhoe East Project

Success Stories

“Emily is highly organised and takes the stress away from the challenging and somewhat tedious tasks of obtaining permits and liaising with Council. I have received terrific feedback from many happy clients about Emily’s professionalism.”

– Chris Lang, Precision Tech Building Concepts

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Are We In Sync?

To me and my clients, building and interior design is an evolving journey, from first creative concept to final realisation.

I work with only a select number of clients every year. From experience, I know this process requires genuine connection, presence and collaboration from both of us. This is often sustained over longer periods of time.

That’s why I prioritise projects with a synchronicity of aspiration, time and budget. And I invest in working relationships that are aligned and built to last.

Is this the kind of experience you’re seeking for your business?

If you’d like to learn more about how i.Balter Design can support you, you can:

Ask questions and request further information, via the contact form below

We endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 3 business days.

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