receive peace of mind with a
design concept + feasibility study before you commit to your new business premises.​

selecting a new business premises is no small feat.

​real talk?

Committing to that new space means excitement and overwhelm in equal measure.  

With many moving parts to think about, it’s all about the balancing act of:+  selecting the right premises that can meet your current needs ……. AND evolve with your business+  creating an original design concept that is on-brand ….… AND on-budget+  making choices that elevate your customer experience ……. AND stay compliant

It takes time and financial investment.And that can make the stakes feel awfully high.Without the clarity and confidence to take that first step, it’s way too easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis without ever taking action.


​Imagine if;​ +  you ​feel excited and empowered by the entire process+  you​ are being guided by professional expertise+  each decision you make is in complete alignment with your vision+  the energy of your brand is embodied in every aspect of your design​

Designing the space of your business dreams is a massive UP-LEVEL ​ – ​Let’s take that next step together!

​introducing​ THE ​design BLUEPRINT.

It exists to help business owners to assess the viability of a prospective premises before locking yourself into a lease. 

Here’s what I know about you: + You’re an energetic entreprenuer with a million and one ideas about your new business home​+ You’re seeking specific advice that is customised to your business.+ You’re craving a way to bounce ideas around with someone who has done this all before.

But most of all?  You need an ACTUAL design concept.  A rock-solid road map of exactly what your space should be. 


Because you can have all the #inspo in the world.

But until you have that professional design concept in your hands, it’s going to be impossible to take action.

That’s why The​ Design Blueprint is about that very first step: ​Creating a design concept for your new space.


​ready to invest in that business up-level?

Let’s jump on an obligation-free, 15 minute call.

This is where i can get to know your business, answer your burning questions and make sure  The Design Blueprint is the perfect fit for you!

What is​the DesignBlueprint?


Rather than tackling the WHOLE building design process straight off the bat, I simply want to set you up with the best foundation possible:

+  Specific, actionable advice, on tap.+  Professional recommendations of structural and interior design that suits your business+  And a complete design concept that you can take forward into the next phase of your project. 

Kick overwhelm to the curb.Gain clarity.Make confident design decisions from here on out.

The design blueprint is the first step in your building design journey.and once you take it, you won’t look back.

What’s included in the DesignBlueprint?

The Design Blueprint is a 4-week, one-on one building design intensive, designed to kick-start your project. It focuses on the feasibility stage of the building design process – creating a tangible, clear design concept for your new premises.

You can choose from two packages:

the base blueprint

You’ll receive;

the ultimate blueprint

If you select this package, you’ll receive everything in The Base Blueprint, PLUS;

who is ​the DesignBlueprintfor?



+     you’re in the hospitality, health or wellness industries  

+     you’re ready to invest in a space that can grow with you
, whether this is your first start-up space OR you’ve outgrown your previous space

+     you want to ‘fit-out’ an existing space (this service is not suited to a conversion or entire rebuild) 

+     your intended space is under 150m2

+     you have some visual branding under your belt but you don’t know how to translate that into your physical space

+     you’re craving guidance and expert advice to help you kick-start your building design  

NOTE:For these deliverables to be completed, i.Balter Design must have access to a floor-plan of the premises in question.

When you invest in the Design Blueprintyou’re investing in the success of your building design.

Rather than settling for generic, one-size-fits-all solutions?

You’ll be creating a space that invites people into what you do and builds a truly memorable brand experience.

Rather than going for short-term fixes that you outgrow all too soon?

You’ll know how to make design choices that have longevity and evolve with your business.

Rather than risking a blowout down the track because your initial concept didn’t take your budget into consideration?

You’ll be able to make confident, clear-eyed decisions about where toallocate your budget, what you can afford and what your ​non-negotiables really are.

​ready to invest in that business up-level?

​Let’s chat either via an obligation-free call or via email.

This is where i can get to know your business, answer your burning questions and make sure The Design Blueprint is the perfect fit for you!