Yoga and meditation quiets the mind, enhances the senses and invites inspiration.
Drawing allows for spontaneity of expression that makes me feel mindful.
I’m intuitively drawn to all things Victorian Era.
My perfect day always ends with being engrossed in a good book.
My house looks like chaos, laughter, and trip-hazards caused by discarded soccer balls.
My subscription to the Australian Ballet is my most non-negotiable business investment.  It indulges my creativity and ignites inspiration.

To me, my family is where I feel at home.
Entranced by architecture from a very young age, it’s been a lifelong affair with Building Design ever since.

About Emily

My love affair with architecture and design? It’s been a lifelong thing. From a young age, I have always been fascinated by the physical spaces we occupy and how they can impact upon our lives. 

I paired that passion with;

  • a keen creativity,
  • a mind that constantly seeks out solutions to problems others can’t articulate, 
  • a genuine desire to connect with people. 

….and it became clear that building and interior design was the clear path for me.

To become a registered building practitioner with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), I gained first-hand experience of the building and construction industry over 7 years. I have also attained the following qualifications:

  • Diploma of Building Design & Drafting
  • Diploma of Interior Design
  • Certificate IV of Building & Construction (Estimating)

Success Stories

“Emily’s technical knowledge, but most importantly her ability to translate that to non-technical people, together with her people management skills allow her to engage much deeper into the process than would otherwise be the case with most architects and this trait is a substantial advantage to Latitude”

– Latitude

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